What is a Midwife?

Midwives are health professionals trained to provide care accross the reproductive lifespan. Midwives provide wellness visits--such as women's annual exams and pap smears, gynecology, STI screenings, birth control, gender affirming care, menopause management, and limited primary care. The care they provide for pregnancy includes prenatal care, birth, and postpartum along with newborn care and breastfeeding support.


In the state of Washington, there are two kinds of midwives: Certified Nurse-Midwives (CNM) and Licensed Midwives (LM or CM). We are the state affiliate of the American College of Nurse-Midwives.


Midwives view pregnancy as a normal physiological stage. They strive to help their patients have a healthy pregnancy and birth through education about their bodies and individualized advice to maximize wellness.

Midwifery care patient-centered. Our goal is to ensure that each family has the birth experience they desire.


Although midwifery care is focused on supporting the normal process and minimizing unnecessary interventions, midwives are also trained to recognize and respond to complications that may arise. Midwives work closely with other providers including Obstetrician/Gynecologists (OBGYN), maternal fetal medicine doctors, pediatricians, and family practice doctors among others, and may consult or transfer patient care when complications are beyond their licensed scope.

The midwifery model of care is well suited to respond to the increasingly complicated health care system and complex patient needs. Our approach to caring for childbearing families has never been more important. We seek to understand our patients' values and individual needs. We partner with our patients to help them make decisions that are empowering and promote their overall health and wellbeing. The term midwife came from "with women," and we strive to be with our patients as they navigate their reproductive lives.

My Midwife Cares for Me

Midwives in Hospitals

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