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Midwifery Advancement



To create opportunities for midwives and student midwives to advance their clinical skills, as well as lend professional support to midwives new and experienced


TBD as needed

Current Projects

Creation of a WA midwifery student mentorship program

Equity Book Club

Creation of scholarship opportunities for students and professional midwives

Donation Match

AMCB Certification Donation Match

The WA affiliate is excited to honor Black Maternal Health Week founded and led by Black Mamas Matter Alliance by starting a donation match for the purpose of covering AMCB certification costs for midwives of color. 


For this donation drive we will be partnering with Melanated Midwives.

Meet The Team


Ash Harlan, CNM MSN

Committee Chair



Co-Chair/Student Chair

Interested in joining the team?

Want to join the Equity Book Club?

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