Board of Directors


Candace Mabbitt (term: 2019-2021) is serving as the current president of the WA Affiliate of ACNM. She is a graduate of Georgetown University. Candace is committed to enhancing midwifery care through legislation and advocacy. She is currently working full-time with Providence Midwifery Group and enjoys offering full scope care to vulnerable patient populations. When not planning hikes to search for fairies with her daughters, Candace enjoys a good book and painting with alcohol inks. 

Hallie Granville, CNM, DNP, ARNP (term: 2021-2023) is currently working at a critical access rural health hospital and clinic in the San Juan Islands. Bringing full scope, integrative, and compassionate evidence-based care through a lens of intersectionality and equity is her passion. When not working, she keeps a diverse jungle of houseplants, and loves sharing laughter with her children.

Vice President
Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Jemma Nonog, CNM, DNP, ARNP (term: 2020-2022) is a Certified Nurse Midwife at Kaiser Permanente in Seattle, WA (KPWA). They are also a Diversity and Inclusivity Advisor/Consultant to KPWA. They are the first ever ACNM-WA EID Board Member. They are also co-leading on the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusivity Committee with the brilliant Ellen French. They hail from a small country town called Sedro-Woolley, WA, but quickly fell in love with Seattle and made it their home. As a once young single mom on Medicaid and WIC, they are passionate about reducing racial/LGBQIA perinatal disparities. They received their Doctorate of Nursing Practice from the University of Washington. Jemma loves to dance, music speaks to their soul. They love traveling and have a passion for learning languages to transcend communication barriers with their patients. They consider their greatest contribution and honor to be raising their 15 year old daughter. 

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Elise Fogel, CNM, ARNP

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Ash Harlan, CNM, MSN, ARNP (term: 2020-2022) is a Certified Nurse Midwife at Kaiser Permanente in Seattle, WA. They are also the Committee Lead for the Midwifery Advancement Committee. Ash received a Master's in Nursing at Oregon Health & Sciences University (OHSU) in Portland, OR. Although they were born in San Diego, Ash and their partner found Washington to be their true home. In their free time, Ash loves to read sci-fi and fantasy fiction books, go camping, make a campfire, and cook delicious meals and desserts. 

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Student Representative

Emily Bavasi, RN (term: 2021-2022) is entering into her third year as a DNP student and will be starting clinicals with the Ballard Midwives in June.  This is her first clinical experience as a CNM student. She graduated from nursing school in 2012 and have worked at Providence in Everett since then.  She's making a big professional turn as she enters into midwifery as most of her time up until now has been spent working as an Emergency Department nurse.  Many of her colleagues in the ED may be spotted running the other direction when a laboring person rolls in, but reproductive and sexual health patients have always been her absolute favorite people to care for!  She live in Greenwood with my husband and daughter, Evie.  She was born last August; one of the last kiddos to be born at the Swedish Ballard campus!  Emily is thrilled to be expanding her professional role as a midwife in this community by becoming a student representative for the WA affiliate.

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Pew Bounvilay, CNM, ARNP

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