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Seattle OB/GYN Group​ Midwives

Midwives at Seattle OBGYN Group.png
Seattle OB/GYN Group Celebrates 5 years of Midwifery care! 
CNMs pictured L to R Erica Wikan, Sarah Chandler, Eva Lwiza, and Diane Walker

Midwifery Spotlight January 2019

Seattle OB/GYN Group celebrated five years of midwifery in the practice in September 2018. January 2019, marks the five year anniversary since the first CNM, delivered at Swedish - First Hill, who happened to be a Seattle OB/GYN midwife. 

In August 2018, a fourth midwife, Eva Lwiza, CNM was added to the team. Eva has previously worked as a Labor and Delivery nurse for 8 years at Swedish First Hill.

Dr. Judith Kimelman, MD was awarded the Louis M. Hellman Midwifery Partnership Award. She and Erica Wikan, CNM accepted the award at the 2018 ACNM Award Ceremony in Savannah, GA. 


The Seattle OB/GYN Midwives were named in the 2017 ACNM Best Practices for a low rate of cesarean birth among nulliparous women with a term, singleton baby in a vertex position (NTSV). 

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