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Midwives at UW Northwest Hospital

Northwest Midwives.jpg
Midwives pictured: (back) Deborah Blue, (front L to R) Cindy Rogers, Mary Bolles, Mary Lou Kopas, Yasmeen Bruckner, and Victoria Swarthout

Midwifery Spotlight January 2019

Midwives: Deborah Blue, Yasmeen Bruckner, Mary Bolles, Mary Lou Kopas,  Cindy Rogers, & Victoria Swarthout


University of Washington Medical Center and Northwest Hospital are in the process of merging into one hospital with two campuses.  The UW Midwifery group are now known as the Midwives at UW Northwest. The hospital is building a brand new unit set to open in 2021. Giving birth at UW Northwest includes a close-knit team of Midwives, Doctors, and nurses along  with 24/7 Neonatal and Anesthesia coverage. The hospital is also equipped with Nitrous Oxide and labor tubs for pain relief. The team of midwives also accepts community (out-of-hospital) transfers.


The Midwives at UW Northwest had some big changes in 2018 as Aditi Grandy left the group to focus full time on her yoga practice.  They were delighted to welcome two new midwife partners:  Yasmeen Bruckner and Victoria Swarthout. Yasmeen is a certified Women's Health Nurse Practitioner as well as a CNM. Victoria was recently elected as WA Affiliate of ACNM Member at Large.


Recent changes to the practice include moving toward a primary midwife model for more individualized care. Additionally, all the midwives are being formally trained in ultrasound and they now offer first trimester scans.  The Midwives at UW Northwest are also proud to continue precepting student nurse midwives.


They are very excited to welcome these and more changes in the years to come!

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