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Midwifery Spotlight Jan.2016

Honoring Polly Taylor,

Celebrating her Retirement
Written by Tara Cardinal, CNM,

read by Heather Bradford

at the UW CNE Midwifery Update

I am delighted to have the opportunity to honor Polly Taylor, MPH, CNM for the vast contributions that she has made to maternal and child health in Washington State and to the midwifery profession over the course of her career. Since 1991, Polly has worked with the DOH where she has steadfastly interwoven the essence of midwifery throughout her public health endeavors and anchored deep midwifery roots in the maternal and child health policy and practice in our state. 

She has always ensured that all midwives, CNMs and LMs, have a seat at the table at any discussion about maternal-child health issue in Washington State. She has been an advocate for and supported collaborative efforts of midwives and other perinatal care providers. Polly’s co-workers sum up her overall philosophy as: Every woman should have access to high quality health throughout her lifespan. We are all so very grateful that Polly has done so much to elevate this quality care by integrating midwifery throughout. 

She is a clinical expert and she gracefully connects the DOH to organizations, programs, collaboratives and institutions impacting maternal and child health. 

1.    Collaboration with the WSHA Safe Deliveries Roadmap Advisory Groups
2.    Smooth Transitions committee to develop safe and supported transfers from the home birth setting to the hospital setting 
3.    Perinatal Advisory Committee, safeguarding quality care and improvement, especially in areas with disparate outcomes. 
4.     The miscarriage management initiative, a DOH supported multidisciplinary and innovative approach to These includefosteringevidence based clinical practice among all women’s healthcare providers in Washington State. 

She also continues to receive accolades from the WIC program, noting how Polly is an incredible resource and support for them.  She has also facilitated the pre-release contraception program among Washington’s incarcerated women.

She has forever altered the fabric of maternal and child health in Washington State and is a model midwife to whom we can all aspire.  She leaves
Altogether, she is a tremendous role model, leading by example and inspiring those around her with her quiet humility and enduring dedication. She mentors future midwives, organically when they seek career guidance and actively as she engages them in projects.expansive shoes to fill, setting an incredibly high bar, enduring legacy and will be deeply missed. We have all benefited greatly from her dedication to women and our profession.

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