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 Providence Medical Group Midwives


The Midwifery practice at Providence in Everett, WA is privileged to serve a diverse population in Snohomish county. Our practice has gone through many exciting changes in the last couple years. We started CenteringPregnancy in June of 2013 and now have a thriving program with 2-3 groups per month. We continue to be ranked nationally by ACNM as a large practice with a low cesarean section rate including a rate of 7%in 2014. In the last year, we have become a collaborative practice with our OB/GYN practice. Our goal is for all low and moderate risk patients to see CNMs and high risk patients to see OB/GYNs. It is exciting to see how we are working together to meet the needs of our clients. As we have hired more CNMs and taken more of the obstetric client load, our volume has increased from 50 to 100 births per month. We now have 2 CNMs on-call in the hospital at all times system. This allows us to be more present to our clients and work as a team as we provide newborn care, assist in surgery, support women in labor and catch many beautiful babies.


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