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Midwives of PeaceHealth at Bellingham


Erin Swanda CNM

Jennifer Cartwright CNM

Katrina Hana CNM

Natalie Weatherby CNM

 Midwifery Spotlight 

March 2015


PeaceHealth Midwifery


We are so excited to provide an option of midwifery care to women of Bellingham, WA area. Currently, PeaceHealth OB/GYN group has four CNM’s employed.


Women in our practice are guaranteed a CNM at their birth. All of our births are at St Joseph Medical Center in Bellingham, WA.


We consult with six OB/GYN physicians in our group if needed, and also may consult with Ob hospitalists at St Joes Hospital.


We started providing full scope midwifery on December 1st of 2014, and immediately had more than 30 women in our practice.  We continue to have 30-35 births/month.


We are also taking appropriate homebirth/birth center transfers, making the transition from home to the hospital easier for birthing women and the midwives. We have had at least 4 transferes per month, so far.


Our practice is booming, and we are hoping to add another midwife to our practice sometime soon.

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