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 Midwifery Spotlight 

Nov 2014


Polly Taylor CNM, MPH has been working in the Washington State Department of Health (DOH), Office of Healthy Communities since 1991 as a Public Health Nurse Consultant for perinatal and women’s health. Polly contributes her midwifery perspective and knowledge in many areas of maternal and women’s health and the broader aspect of public health.


Her current responsibilities include: clinical consultation and technical assistance to clinicians, other professionals, and statewide programs; perinatal quality improvement; development of policies and best practice materials related to health services improvement.  Specific areas of focus: tobacco/drug/alcohol use in pregnancy, maternal health issues including maternal mortality surveillance, women’s health across the lifespan including preconception and interconception care.


She is the department’s clinical content lead for the Washington State Hospital Association’s Safe Deliveries Roadmaps for preconception and pregnancy and helps to staff the State Perinatal Advisory  Committee. Working with midwives and physicians as well as other professionals and stakeholders  as well as across programs within DOH is a big part of her work, helping to strengthen efforts to improve the health and well- being of women and families in the state.


Polly has a MPH from Johns Hopkins School of Public Health where she also received her clinical training as a nurse midwife.  Over the years, she has worked as a nurse midwife in several locations with diverse populations.  She continues to provide women’s health care as a volunteer nurse-practitioner at The Evergreen State College Student Health Center.  Polly is passionate about the important role that midwives play in the big picture of health; like working across state agencies and with student midwives to improve reproductive health services and health education for women in Washington prisons. She loves mentoring staff and especially likes working with student midwives on public health and policy projects.

Polly maintains the following webpages for providers which list the various best practice and patient materials available free to download. These resources are also available via the online clearinghouse of public health education and health promotion materials, events, resources, and news in the State of Washington at 


Maternal and Infant health Provider Resources:


Best Practice Information for Women’s Health providers:

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