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 Midwifery Spotlight 

June 2014


In 2000 Kathleen Hensch-Fleming co-created Pacific Midwifery Service as the first and only independent midwifery practice in Southwest Washington. [Now the name of the practice is Pacific Midwifery, Menopause & Women's Health.]  The goal that was set (and that is met every day) is to provide quality, personalized, professional  health care to women who want to participate in their own care.


Janell joined the practice in 2007, Patty in 2009, and Donna in 2010. Collectively, we four Certified Nurse Midwives have safely assisted the births of over 4,000 babies in Clark County, at SW Washington Medical Center and Legacy Salmon Creek Hospital. 

We currently deliver all our babies at Legacy Salmon Creek Hospital. We are the only credentialed providers of WATERBIRTH at Legacy Salmon Creek Hospital. We believe labor and birth in water is a wonderful experience. We have been providing this service for over 8 years. 


Kathleen ‘retired’ from delivering babies in 2010 completing 35 years of obstetric service. Now she devotes her energy to women’s health care, including  Annuals, Paps, infertility, infection, birth control and her special love, menopause treatment. She has completed the North American Menopause Society training for Menopause Clinician and updates her information and resources daily.

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